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Tim Ross

Tim Ross: January 2016

Tim Ross is an emerging comic in the Pittsburgh comedy scene. You can find him at various shows and venues around the city. You can check him out (and subscribe!) at For bookings or lovemail:

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James Myers: December 2015

  James Myers is our December 2015 Comic of the Month “Mexicans’ is not a racial slur…unless you whisper it.” James considers himself new to comedy. He’s only worked clubs for the past three years. His introduction to comedy was while he was working as a bartender at the club Funny Bone in Ohio. Recently, I caught […]

Geoffrey Asmus

Geoffrey Asmus: August 2015

Geoffrey Asmus owns an eight foot by six foot map of the world, which has hung above his bed since he was seven. He even drew in South Sudan and East Timor when they earned their independence (Yay! Never stop celebrating!). He is a proud member of the OFFICIAL Taylor Swift fan-club and considers Hannibal […]

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